Kondensacyjne kotły gazowe

Gas condensing boilers

Condensing boilers with an integrated storage tank are an intermediate solution between a single-function boiler with a free-standing storage tank and a dual-functional flow-through boiler. The main advantage is space saving and the comfort of permanent access to hot water. A built-in coil or plate heater is used to heat the water. In the case of a coil, the water in the tank is heated evenly, while the sandwich heater heats the water from the top down. The second solution has the additional advantage of constant access to hot water by collecting water from the top of the tank. Contrary to the built-in coil, in the case of a plate heater we do not have to wait until the entire water capacity of the tank has been heated up. Standalone boilers have a larger hot water tank, while hanging ones ensure maximum compactness of the system.