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The 7 series furnace was ranked second in the category “boilers with automatic loading with solid mine fuel” and was included in the “TOPTEN” list of the most energy and ecologically efficient solid fuel boilers in 2016.

The awarded boiler is a revolutionary construction in the field of heating technology equipped with a ceramic combustion chamber and a post-combustion system. The device meets the requirements of 5th class in accordance with the PN EN 303-5:2012 standard and has the “Polish Heat” certificate awarded by the Platform of Heating Devices for Solid Fuels (PPUGPS)..

The competition is organized by the Polish Chamber of Ecology and the Foundation for Efficient Use of Energy.

The aim of the Competition is to promote in Poland and abroad the most energy-efficient and at the same time the least polluting devices producing useful heat from solid fuels.

The selection of TOPTEN products is based on an analysis of energy and environmental efficiency and is independent of manufacturers and commercial distributors. The assessment of the selected equipment is based on standard declarations, objective tests and analyses developed by independent institutions, in accordance with the “Principles of Determining the Critical Parameter of Energy-Ecological Assessment of Low Power Boilers for Solid Fuels”. The selection criterion includes two quality parameters of boilers: energy efficiency and emission of substances harmful to the environment and human health, including CO, OGC, NOx and total dust.

The Competition participants may be manufacturers and distributors of boilers fired with solid fuels of power up to 25 kW intended for installation in individual and municipal buildings.

The results of the competition are a useful tool for local government units to improve air quality, reduce low emissions through the appropriate use of the so-called Antimog Act and the National Air Protection Programme.


MCE certyfikat topten kotły grzewcze
MCE certyfikat topten kotły grzewcze

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