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Air conditioning and recuperation

Out of concern for your comfort and savings in the maintenance of your homes, we offer highly efficient solutions that ensure the preservation of warmth in winter and a cool breeze on hot summer days. A suggested solution is a system of recuperation, i.e. mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, which exchanges used and dirty air for fresh air supplied from outside. The solution proposed in summer are air conditioning sets such as monoblock, split, multi-split or entire air conditioning units. In our assortment we have devices of the world’s leading manufacturers such as VTS or LG.

Recuperator is a device whose principle of operation is based on the recovery of heat from the exhaust air from rooms outside the building. Thanks to its specificity, the recuperator allows to heat fresh air flowing into the building using the heat already present in it, thus reducing the costs of heating the building with gas or other fuel. The efficiency of this type of systems reaches even 90%. The recuperator consists of two fans (supply and exhaust), a heat exchanger and ducts supplying and removing air from rooms in the building.


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