Boiler series 7 with a capacity of 20kW of our production was selected from among all available heating devices and awarded with a certificate. This means that it is not only economical and safe, but also its use guarantees that it will not create low emission, the so-called smog.

PPUGPS is a platform operating within the Polish Chamber of Ecology, which takes care of the ecological development of Polish heating technology. One of the goals of the platform is to disseminate knowledge among the public in the field of technical conditions and methods of burning solid fuels. All the more we can be proud to be among such an elite group of producers from the heating industry. We are sure that together we will meet the challenges of a better, more ecological future. We encourage you to cooperate with us and familiarize yourself with the website www.ppugps.pl


MCE certyfikat polskie ciepło
MCE certyfikat kotły 5 klasa
MCE certyfikat kotły 4 klasa
MCE certyfikat polska izba ekologii

Innovation, Ecology, Complexity

The manufacturer of MCE boilers offers efficient, reliable, failure-free, safe in use boilers based on many years of experience in the industry.

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