MCE jako rekomendowany wykonawca instalacji grzewczych Kraków


As a company specialising in green heating sources, MCE is included in this list. We provide a full range of services:

  • change of heating system to gas heating,
  • change of heating system to electric heating,
  • change of heating system to oil heating,
  • installation of solar collectors,
  • installation of heat pumps.


A reference to the list of recommended contractors can be found here.

We would like to remind you that the Low Emission Reduction Programme for the City of Krakow has made it possible to obtain co-financing for environmental protection activities. The idea of the project carried out by the Municipality of Krakow is to make it easier for those interested to obtain subsidies for changing older heating systems to new, ecological and renewable energy sources. The above mentioned improvements concern:


  • Possibility of non-cash settlement of the grant, i.e. transfer of funds directly to the account of the contractor performing the task, provided that the documents confirming the performance of the task covered by the grant are presented,


  • New simplified specimen forms for applications for granting and settlement of a special purpose grant and specimen grant agreement. The regulation introduces separate grant application forms for beneficiaries who are not entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs for particular tasks: permanent change of the heating system based on solid fuel to pro-ecological, installation of a renewable energy source, connection of domestic hot water in connection with liquidation of furnaces or boiler rooms fired with solid fuels,


  • A list of contractors recommended by the Municipality of Krakow will be created, performing tasks related to changing the heating system based on solid fuel, connection of domestic hot water, installation of solar collectors and heat pumps. Of course, the applicant will be able to choose whether to use the proposals prepared in the list or to find the company itself.


We would like to remind you that those interested in modernization of the boiler room should fill in relevant documents as soon as possible and submit them to the Municipal Office, as the value of the subsidy will decrease in the coming years. While in 2017 it is 80%, in 2018 it is to be only 60%.

Submit your application today and get a completely new heating system made by the recommended MCE company!

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The manufacturer of MCE boilers offers efficient, reliable, failure-free, safe in use boilers based on many years of experience in the industry.

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