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Is it worth to buy a stove for coal? Opinions are divided, so you should look at the advantages and disadvantages of this solution and is it cost-effective?

What coal boiler model to choose?

When deciding on coal heating, we can choose between all heating devices that are designed for solid fuels, but the best solution will be to buy a boiler with the feeder that causes the least problems in operation. When choosing an eco-powder boiler, it is also worth paying attention to how long warranty is offered by the manufacturer and where service points are located.


In the case of coal stoves we do not have to worry about the right temperature in our house. Properly set boiler parameters will allow for automatic adjustment of the temperature to current heating needs. Thanks to this, eco-powder stoves are more economical and despite the fact that the prices of eco-powder boilers are quite high, the investment pays for itself quickly. If we don’t have a place to store large amounts of fuel, peasant can be a good solution. It is sold in bags, so it can be bought in smaller quantities and replenished as needed. You should also pay attention to the fact that heating with coal is also more beneficial for the environment. It emits less pollution than coal. It also meets all the necessary standards of the European Union, which concern the minimum sulphur content and the ash produced.


In addition to the above mentioned quite high purchase price of the furnace, it should also be remembered that it is equipment that has many mechanisms that can break down. During combustion of coal dust is formed, which is deposited in the boiler room, so remember to ventilate and clean it. We must also consider whether we will be able to buy good and inexpensive coal. When choosing coal, we should pay attention to whether its heating content is high and its ash, sulphur and moisture content is low. The better the quality of the coal, the more effective the operation of the stove.

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