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Manufacturers of central heating boilers offer a wide range of boilers, which makes us often feel lost. Therefore, in order to make it easier for us to make a decision with which we will be satisfied, it is good to determine what we should pay attention to before purchasing.

What kind of heat demand?

Before choosing a central heating boiler, we should get to know the design heat demand of our building. If we do not have this parameter specified in the design, we can determine it approximately. It is assumed that approximately for non-insulated buildings, which were built in the 1980s and earlier, the building’s heat demand is 100 W/m2 of the building’s usable area. If the building is insulated, the value is 70 – 80 W/m2. For recently built houses it is assumed that it is 60 W/m2. We should also remember that we will rarely use the full power of the boiler. That is why you can choose boilers with slightly lower output. The smallest problems with operation at low revolutions have boilers with a feeder, in which the output can be regulated to a much greater extent than in other types of boilers.

What should we pay attention to when choosing a boiler?

The boiler should meet our needs. In order for this to happen, we must pay attention to it:

  • boiler dimensions – must fit in the boiler room,
  • boiler construction – certified metal sheets and insulation jacket,
  • high thermal efficiency – minimum 82%,
  • manufacturer – with experience and service,
  • type of burner – should be adapted to the basic fuel,
  • type of control – depending on our knowledge of combustion processes can be two-state controllers for more familiar users and automatic for those who have less knowledge,
  • direction of flue outlet – to connect the stove to the chimney without problems, we must look for a stove with an outlet matching the chimney opening or manufacturers who offer stoves with an outlet on any side,
  • the way of fuel feeding – a worm or piston,
  • warranty – time and conditions,
  • service and availability and price of spare parts – the service will also be useful in problems with boiler regulation, and the availability of spare parts will facilitate and accelerate repair even this post-warranty repair,
  • ease of maintenance – how long and complicated the cleaning of the boiler will be.

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