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A central heating boiler is best suited for a given fuel, which we will use most often. We should also pay attention to the purchase and operation price and find out what legal restrictions are in place in our municipality and whether subsidies are available to replace the boiler.


When buying a boiler, we usually pay attention to the purchase price. The most popular and cheapest boilers are upper combustion boilers. Slightly more expensive, but cheaper in operation are lower combustion boilers. The difference in purchase price will pay for itself during operation. If we decide on boilers with a feeder in which combustion is clean and economical, we have to take into account the fact that this type of boilers should be fired with fuel recommended by the manufacturer. This means that we will pay a little more for the right fuel for the right type of furnace. When buying a boiler, you should also take into account the way in which it is operated. Boilers, for which we pay less, will require more work from us – more often we will have to add fuel to them and clean the boiler. However, if we want to make burning in the boiler less burdensome, we can decide on a slightly more expensive solution and buy a boiler with a feeder.

Type of fuel

When choosing a central heating boiler, we should consider beforehand what fuel we will burn in it – coal, coal or pellet? Although there are boilers in which you can burn different types of fuel, it is best to choose one type of fuel and look for an oven from this angle. Thanks to this we can count on a better use of its power. If we decide on pellets, we should buy a special stove designed for smoking this type of fuel, which will have appropriate protection and construction. Remember to get acquainted with the fuel recommended by the manufacturer for a given model of stove, in order to avoid later problems during operation.

What are the possibilities of co-financing?

We must remember that in some municipalities there are restrictions on the use of solid fuel boilers or it is planned to introduce such restrictions. Therefore, it is better to check this before purchasing. It is also worth checking whether the commune does not lead to subsidies for exchanging heat sources for more efficient and ecological ones. If so, we can count on subsidies, so it is worth taking an interest in it. It is also worth checking whether we will not have problems with the purchase of the right fuel for the furnace and whether its prices will not be too great a financial burden for us.

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