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Replacement or purchase of a boiler can be cheaper thanks to the subsidies that municipalities have introduced along with increasing air pollution.

Pro-ecological furnaces – is it worth it?

In connection with the deterioration in the quality of the air we breathe, regulations have been introduced limiting the heating of houses with solid fuel boilers. In some communes it is possible to apply for subsidies related to the cost of replacing an old type of boiler that causes air pollution with a new, ecological boiler. If we are thinking about purchasing or replacing a central heating furnace, we should find out in the commune whether and which subsidies we can obtain for this purpose. It is worth knowing that anti-smog resolutions prohibit the installation of new stoves, boilers and fireplaces which do not meet the requirements in terms of efficiency and pollutant emissions. For this reason, it is worthwhile to find out what these standards look like in our municipality today and what they will look like in the future. This can be done at the appropriate City and Municipality Office, which will provide us with all the necessary information concerning the regulations and possible subsidies. In this way, we can avoid buying a stove that does not meet the current standards or those that will be implemented in the near future.

5th class boilers

Low emission values and high efficiency of 5th class boilers are the result of the use of expensive technological solutions such as electronic control, precise air and fuel dosing systems to the furnace. Their flue gas ducts are equipped with swirl-motors which disturb the flue gas movement, thanks to which more heat is transferred to water, which improves boiler efficiency and reduces air pollution. There is no emergency grate in boilers meeting the ecodesign requirements, so it is possible to burn only coal or pellet – depending on the type of boiler. All this results in higher costs of purchase and operation of 5th class boilers. At http://powietrze.malopolska.pl/ekoprojekt/ you will find a list of boilers and stoves that meet the requirements of 5th class boilers or the latest EU regulations. Often, boiler manufacturers also publish on their websites separate information about boilers that meet the standards sufficient to receive funding for boiler replacement.

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