Gas-fired water heaters – characteristics

Gas-fired water heaters are very popular in gas-fired units, where there is no possibility to install boilers, as well as in older stand-alone buildings. Often, due to the fact that gas water heating is cheaper than electric heating, gas stoves are used in companies. Access to gas in a block of flats or a detached house also determines the choice of this method of water heating. The question of the type of water heater, i.e. flow or capacity heater, remains open.

Flow heater

In this type of heaters, when the hot water is turned off, the burner is switched on and the water is heated. To make this possible, the water flowing into the heater must have the appropriate pressure, which is specified by the manufacturer of the device. The water heater can be connected to one or more hot water points. There are powerful heaters on the market that can heat a basin mixer + shower or bathtub.

Capacitive water heater

Capacitive heaters heat and store water. When selecting this type of heater, special attention should be paid to the capacity of the tank and it should be adjusted to the number and needs of the household members. Such boilers may have an additional insulating layer, thanks to which they maintain a higher water temperature even for a few hours after heating. Capacitive heaters are divided into pressure heaters, which have a much larger tank and to which taps from all over the house can be connected, and non-pressure heaters, whose tanks are much smaller and can only be connected to one point.

What should we choose?

When deciding to buy a gas water heater, we have to take into account which will have a more practical application for us. If we care about comfort, a better solution will certainly be a capacitive heater, to which we can connect a circulation pipe and thanks to which we can enjoy hot water in every room in the house. As far as the place of installation is concerned, the instantaneous water heater can be installed practically everywhere where we have a source of water. In case of a capacity heater it is necessary to find a separate technical room. As far as the cost of the device is concerned, it will be lower if we choose a flow heater.

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