kotły centralnego ogrzewania

Central heating boilers are available in different types. Find out what characterizes each of them to choose the model best suited to your needs.

Central heating boilers – main types

The simplest form of solid fuel boilers is the upper-burning central heating boilers. They are characterized by flue gas outlet from the furnace located at the top of the charging chamber interior. The combustion chamber is connected to the charging chamber. They are designed primarily for combustion of coke or coal. Cast iron boilers in some cases are also adapted for combustion of gas and fuel oil (when an appropriate burner is bought for them).

Lower-burning boilers are a more modern type of solid fuel boilers. They are designed for burning coal or firewood, as well as chips, chips and various types of bio-organic waste. What is important, the stoves are much more effective when burning wood (or coal), because thanks to that they consume a dozen or so percent less fuel.

Wood gasifying boilers (also known as holzgas boilers) are a group of modern wood boilers. They are equipped with a special automatics, which controls two-stage combustion. The first stage takes place in the initial chamber of the furnace, where the wood is heated and partially oxidized with limited air access. During this process gaseous components are released, which, thanks to the overpressure generated by the fan, enter the second chamber of the furnace, to which secondary air flows. The gas mixed with the air burns and the wood glows flamelessly at a temperature of approx. 800°C.

Fuel in Central Heating

It should be remembered that solid fuelcentral heatingboilers require regular refuelling. Of course a lot depends on the type of fuel, but on average it is necessary to refill the furnace at least twice a day, and if you burn a boiler with a simple design – even every three to four hours.

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