MCE kocioł v7 20 kw premium klasa 5







The device has the certificate of the highest possible efficiency in the category of central heating boilers. Designed for the most demanding people.


ST-37RS, ST-480


Heat exchanger:

3 vertical plates



coal, pellets

MCE kociol v7 20 kw premium


MCE kocioł z 5 letnią gwarancją

5-year warranty on
boiler tightness

Wykonany z certyfikowanej stali o grubości 6 mm

Made of
certified steel
a thickness of 6 mm

MCE kotły z wysoką sprawnością cieplną

High thermal efficiency (95%)!

MCE kocioł z trójciągowym wymiennikiem pionowym

Three-pass vertical heat exchanger with exhaust gas turbulators

MCE kocioł z ceramiczną komorą z dopalaczem spalin

Ceramic combustion chamber with afterburner

MCE kotły z elektronicznym zabezpieczeniem

Electronic protection against ignition of the fuel in the cylinder

MCE kocioł z możliwością domontowania awaryjnego zasilania UPS

Possibility of installing UPS emergency power supply (NEW!)

MCE kotły z samoczyszczącym palnikiem pelletowym

Can be retrofitted with an automatic ash removal system (NEW!) (NEW!)



kotły na ekogroszek





Technical data

Parameter Unit 20
Nominal heat output kW 20
Heating area m2 3,65
Area of heated rooms* m2 100-320
Thermal efficiency (optimal) % 92,8 (95,1)
Max. permissible operating pressure Bar 2
Required exhaust gas draught mBar 0,25
Maximum boiler operating temperature st.C 95
Boiler operating temperature range st.C 50-80
Chimney section cm x cm 280
Min. chimney height m 9
Dowel dimensions mm 180
Power supply V/Hz 230V/50Hz
Diameter of supply and return mm G 1 1/2”
Boiler weight kg 550
Boiler water capacity l 120
Height mm 1350
Height from base to journal axis mm 1020
Length mm 1060
Width mm 640
Width with basket mm 1200

DPS rotary burner

DPS retort burner manufactured by MCE is a burner suitable for the combustion of fuels of poorer fuel quality such as had Coke produced in the combustion process on the burner plate does not sinter to form a crust, but falls into the ash tray This is a reliable and useful solution.

The fuel intended for combustion in ROUTE BURNER DPS is coal, assortment: eco-powder and dust, with a granulation of 0 – 25 mm and pellets with a granulation of 6 – 12 mm.