Recuperation. What is this?

Recuperation is the most modern and advanced way of building ventilation. Unlike traditional gravity ventilation, which is based on draught, i.e. air intake, recuperation is based on air movement, which is produced by a machine called a recuperator. It is a system of removing used and dirty air in exchange for clean and fresh, without losing the accumulated heat.

How does it work?

The heart of the device is a recuperator, which draws in air from outside the building, as well as dirty, humid and used air from inside. These two streams meet each other in the recuperator, but most importantly, they do not mix with each other. The heat exchange takes place. The air from the inside gives off heat, while the cold and clean air from the outside takes over the heat. Recuperation not only allows fresh air to be exchanged and heated, but also filters it from all impurities and allergens. Thanks to this, we do not have to worry about smog, and ventilation and ventilation of the room takes place without opening windows.

Recuperation and traditional ventilation

Gravity ventilation does not require any device to operate, it is the oldest way to ventilate buildings. Its operation is based on vertical ventilation ducts, which extract warm air from the upper parts of the room to the outside. The biggest disadvantage of such ventilation methods is the loss of heat. Warm air escaping to the outside is exchanged for cold air, which requires heating. Recuperation, on the other hand, takes the accumulated heat from the exhaust air and gives it back to the supplied air. This saves a lot of energy needed to heat the fresh air. Another and huge advantage of recuperation over the traditional method of ventilation is the filtration of the supplied air. With gravitational ventilation, the air that falls into the room, e.g. through an open window, is the air that can contain various allergens or pollutants. In the case of recuperation, this problem is eliminated by filtering the supplied air.

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