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When choosing a central heating stove, we should pay attention to two aspects – the price of the stove and the cost of its use, and its impact on the natural environment. How do pellet boilers look like in this respect?

Advantages of pellet boilers

Fuels, which are derived from hard coal or lignite, emit significant amounts of tar during combustion. They escape with smoke and have a negative impact on air quality. As a result of their combustion, significant amounts of ash are also produced, which needs to be managed, which may be another problem. Pellet stoves are much more ecological. It is a renewable fuel produced mainly from compressed sawdust without artificial additives. During combustion, the emission of tar is low. Little ash is also produced and wood dust is much easier to remove than coal dust. Pellet boilers are easy to install and operate. Most activities are automated, so it is enough to clean the stove and add fuel once a week. If you decide to heat your home with pellets, it is best to choose a specially adapted stove for this type of fuel. We should also look for pellets of good quality, so that our stove will operate for a long time and without failure.

Disadvantages of pellet boilers

The biggest disadvantage is the high prices of pellet stoves and the fuel itself. It should be remembered that this is an investment that pays for itself, because this type of furnaces automatically adjust fuel combustion to changes in the building’s demand for heat. If the boiler controller is set correctly, we do not lose fuel for heating when the temperature in the rooms is sufficient. The disadvantages also include the place where the appropriate conditions for storing pellets will prevail. You should also pay attention to its quality and avoid using industrial pellets in houses, as this may cause damage to the boiler. Regular cleaning of the boiler may also be a disadvantage, but other types of solid fuel boilers should also be cleaned. To sum up, if we can afford a larger investment, pellet stoves, which combine ecology with economy of operation, are a good choice.

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