“5th class” boilers – what they are and what you should know about them?

When planning the purchase of a new solid fuel boiler, it should be remembered that currently only 5th class appliances are available for sale. They are not only more environmentally friendly than the hitherto dominant boilers on the market, as they emit much less pollution, but also stand out through their higher efficiency and ease of use. Choosing this product will be beneficial not only for the environment, but also for users. Manufacturers of central heating boilers provide us with a wide range of devices of this type. In this article we will present their most important properties and functional advantages.

Specificity of 5th class boilers

According to the current 5th class standards, the appliances are of optimum quality and comply with the emission standards. They emit up to three times less harmful dusts than the most frequently used class 3 boilers so far. Among the devices recommended for use in our homes, there are automated boilers with fuel feeders, which are designed for combustion of pellets made of biomass, coal, hard coal. Efficient chimney inserts and wood gasifying boilers are also available. All these solutions ensure significantly lower emissions of undesirable substances such as carbon monoxide, organic gas pollution and dust. As a result, they contribute much less to the formation of smog, which is currently a very serious problem in many Polish cities.

In the case of 5th class boilers, ecology goes hand in hand with high efficiency of heating devices. All this results from the application of advanced solutions, which affect the efficiency and ease of use of these devices. Many modern models have been equipped with, among others, electronically controlled air and fuel dosing systems for the furnace. In addition, they are equipped with special turbulizers that disturb the movement of exhaust fumes, effectively transferring heat to water, so that their efficiency can be much higher, and the dusts retained in the boiler do not pollute the air.

Innovation, Ecology, Complexity

The manufacturer of MCE boilers offers efficient, reliable, failure-free, safe in use boilers based on many years of experience in the industry.

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