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The beginnings of our company date back to the end of the last century. The company begin its existence in 1998, starting to sell hydraulic presses in Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia. At the same time our offer was enriched of automatic central heating boilers fired with coal and wood, which initially were to be an additional area of activity.


The following years and the resulting changes in the market contributed to the decision to change the business profile and focus on central heating boilers. Over the next 3 years, we gained the necessar experience in the heating industry and related hydraulic and sanitary industry, closely observing the market trends.


MCE is one of the first companies in Poland to install, service and distribute solar panels. In the same period, we starts our activity as a plumbing and sewage gas market, introducing the first articles related to water, sewage, heating and gas installations for sale.


The first and second construction of the MCE brand – boilers V3 and V7 – leaves the production line. The first one is a lower and upper combustion boiler fired with wood, the second one is a fully automatic boiler for coal and pellets. In addition to our production activities, we begins to provide assembly services for central heating boilers in Małopolska.


The company purchased another building in which a new HVAC store MCE was opened. Investments in the expansion of our facility were connected with the development of the Staff abilities. The new headquarters created many additional jobs and became an opportunity for individual development, at the same time enabling us to co-create a better future for the Polish economy.


MCE initially becomes a partner and then a shareholder in the Sangroup purchasing group.


Thorough restructuring of the company, which resulted in the official opening of a new production plant allowing for the harmonious implementation of our ECOLOGICAL, INNOVATIVE and COMPLECS philosophy of activity.


The first MCE boiler – model V7 – reaches 5th emission class.


At the MCE plumbing and gas market you can purchase up to 15,000 different products related to the plumbing, heating and gas industries and the number of products available on request exceeds 50,000! Close contact with manufacturers, close cooperation with service departments and a convenient location by the national road means that there are no orders or problems that we would not be able to help you with.


MCE benefits from a programme of EU grants aimed at the development of the SME sector. The money is used to purchase modern CNC steel cutting lasers and other equipment used in the production of central heating boilers.


Another segment of the company’s activity – heat pumps, photovoltaic panels and heat inductors.

MCE – company history and business profile

About the company

Boilers offered by our company are constructed on the basis of modern technologies, which guarantees their efficiency, safety and comfort of use. We have boilers adjusted to the highest requirements, moreover, we realize individual projects in residential buildings, public buildings, as well as large retail outlets. The full range of our products includes traditional devices, fired with wood and coal, which are intended exclusively for export and modern, adapted for combustion of biomass, coal and pellet, the service of which is limited to a minimum. The choice of MCE boilers guarantees access to an extensive service network. Our priority is comprehensive customer service both before and after the installation of heating devices.

MCE boilers are mainly 5 class devices, meeting the requirements of Ecodesign, subsidized from RPO and PONE programs. MCE’s efforts to increase heating efficiency and environmental friendliness of Polish boilers, have been appreciated, among others, by executors of the nationwide ranking “Gazel Biznesu” and the Polish Chamber of Ecology in the competition “TOP TEN Heating boilers for solid fuels 2017”. Strong emphasis on individual stages of production, as well as promotion and sales is that we are a reliable business partner. Thanks to the reliability of our products, we have gained recognition among customers and experts. We are sure that you will also join a wide range of satisfied customers.

In our permanent offer we have the materials and equipment necessary to carry out all projects in the field of heating and sanitary technology.

Services are the second pillar of MCE’s business. The path of our cooperation with customers begins with the valuation of the planned investment, goes through installation, to service and post-warranty services. We employ many qualified installers and plumbers, and if necessary, we cooperate with installers operating throughout the country. Our customers appreciate our flexibility in the implementation of investments – both in the installation of boilers, sewage treatment plants or modern photovoltaic systems or heat pumps.

For many years we have been cooperating with renowned manufacturers of installation articles. In our offer you will find, among others, coal and gas boilers, systems for installation of central heating, central utility water, floor heating, sewage treatment plants, cesspools, solar collectors, heat pumps and many others. Since 2009, we have belonged to one of the largest purchasing groups in Poland – Sangroup. Thanks to this cooperation we can offer you the best price offer and access to products in the field of heating, sanitary, ceramics and bathroom fittings. In the MCE heating and sanitary technology market you will find 15,000 items from our industry-related assortment, and the number of products available on request exceeds 50,000. Close cooperation with manufacturers, service departments and a convenient location by the national road makes it possible for us to meet any order. We provide you with a staff of trained specialists and we encourage you to check their competence!